Pregnancy and Children’s Health

Notes from the Digestion Sessions Summit
This is not a transcript but cliff notes I took listening to these summits. The speakers are doctors, nutritionists and specialists in their field of health practicing functional medicine. These are not your normal health and diet tips but the medical reasons you may be experiencing health problems and how to fix it. For additional information see links below.

Dr. Leslie Stone MD, IFMCP and DR. Michael Stone MD 

Pregnancy and methylation is a transfer of molecules so our DNA can communicate to all key functions in the body.

If a mother doesn’t have enough B vitamins three months prior to conception through one month after conception there is a 70% higher chance of the child becoming autistic around 2-3 years old.

Do I have enough nutrients and co-factors to have a baby? Same goes for the father having enough nutrients with the crucial time being before you get pregnant. Nutrition is also crucial through toddler to grow into a healthy adult. Pre-pregnancy testing is now important for deficiencies and cell mutations.

Common deficiencies predispose us to inflammatory vulnerability. There is zinc deficiency in 60-70% of our population, carnitine by third trimester is 90% deficient, essential fatty acids crucial for brain development 80% deficient, iron deficiencies 30-35%, vitamin D modulator 90% insufficient and 70% deficient. This all creates multiple vulnerabilities passed to the child.

We check methylation process from pre-conception through pregnancy and balance through diet first. Diet is crucial it’s medicine, minimize simple carbohydrates and then supplements.

Acid blockers during pregnancy causes allergies and asthma in the fetus and sets them up for autoimmune diseases. Compromised gut flora in the mother also compromises the health of the fetus. The health of the placenta is dependent on the health of the father pre-conception. Dads should also take a prenatal vitamin beginning six months before conception. All this has a multi-generational effect not only for the child but for the child’s children.

Ensuring a healthy pregnancy depends on the state of inflammation of the mother from six months prior to conception through pregnancy for both the fetus and the mother. Begin with fixing the gut, correcting deficiencies, getting off medications if necessary. We look for triggers in imbalances such as toxins and heavy metals.

Food is powerful! We can turn genes on and off within six hours with our food choices, both good food or bad food that can promote calming or inflammation. You want good quality protein, low sugar, DHA and maximize minerals and vitamins with vegetables. Next improve methalation factors checked with lab tests, probiotics, good fats and repair gut.

Yes you can have a healthy baby even with an autoimmune disease.

Dr. Stone web page

Donna Gates M.Ed, ABAAHP Fellow Anti-Aging Medicine

Notes from the Origins Summit on Children and Autism

We coexist with the bacteria inside us. We now understand we can’t kill the bacteria with antibiotics and probiotics are not enough if we continue to feed the bad bacteria with our food choices.

Chew you food! First steps to healing the gut are hydrochloric acid and peptin for the stomach, enzymes for the small intestine, remove pathogens from the large intestine with oil of oregano as one example, colon cleanses, enemas and colonics. The standard American diet clogs up the works and creates an environment for overgrowth of pathogens. Flour products are very bad also protein combined with sugar.

First food after breast milk should be vegetables not grains and fermented coconut water.

It takes at least three months for a newborn to establish the immune system, vaccines and antibiotics kill the immune system and it can never recover. Vaccines were only supposed to be given to children and adults with good immune systems.

Healthy foods containing oxalates become bad for us if we are missing the bacterial strain that breaks it down for us, today it’s destroyed at birth. Autistic children are born with undetected gut problems having an imbalance of or missing microbiome and candida overgrowth messing up their brain leading to behavioral problems. Start them with fermented coconut water (she has a starter kit for fermenting this) some have begun to speak just from this. Also wean them off some of the sugars and carbohydrates. For fixing the gut add fermented vegetables and liquid probiotics which she carries, these help take away the addiction to sugar.

Wine, beer and kombucha are not good with gut dysbiosis problems they are wild yeast and feed the bad bacteria and candida causing an autoimmune response. Too much fruit is not good and should be eliminated until you repair microbiome. Who are you feeding? The good guys or the bad guys?

Change your oil take away all vegetable/canola oils and replace with coconut oil for cooking and olive oil for salads. Go gluten free and sugar free, NO artificial sweeteners.

A healthy microbiome is anti-aging and scavenges away toxins and parasites.

In 10 years every other child is expected to be autistic and we are already having huge problems reproducing.

Donna Gates web page

 Notes from the Origins Summit on Babies

Kim Walls MS

Created an organic skin care line for babies.
Never use anything containing petroleum, parabins or fragrance, if it does not contain these it’s probably alright. Almost always the word PEG – (whatever) indicates petroleum in the product that suffocates our skin and microbes.

For sunblock use zinc and titanium for those with fair skin, it remains on the skin to reflect the sun and only found in health food stores.

With moisturizers our skin PH is acidic and we over bathe/wash our skin harming our microbiome. Castile soap is not good for the skin. Dry skin is not enough water, use water based product and then cover with an oil based to seal it in. Probiotic lotions are very beneficial.

Eczema is found in 30% of urban children.

Laundry soaps, shampoos and commercial moisturizers, lotions, makeup and soaps all contain toxins that go on the skin and then right into the bloodstream. Changing these to more natural or organic makes a dramatic difference, avoid phthalates also.

Chlorine filters for the shower a must! It causes dry skin and reduces your ability to regenerate new skin cells, new skin cells is what gives you that glow. It’s horrible for the microbiome and mitochondria. The heat from the water increases your absorption including breathing it in going into your blood.

No Antibiotics.

Stop feeding yourself bad stuff and your body has the ability to restore itself.

Premies are especially vulnerable as skin is the last organ to develop. Use only natural vegetable oils. Hospitals are beginning to use her products for babies.

Kim Walls web page  Best ever Baby – Free Birth Plan

Her products and more web page

Video of her on choosing safer products


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Transforming kids to a healthier diet

Excellent lecture with Dr. Suzanne Humphries on Vit C, pregnancy and children’s dosages for colds and flu. See video here. Just refresh the page to get rid of pop up add.

Dr. Aviva Romm specializing in women and children

Documentary the Business of Being Born

Healthy Child Healthy World Tips and News web site

Another good site for news and health tips for babies and children safbaby





Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is fro educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essencial that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

M. Scherker medical researcher




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