Is Your Pain Aging You

Notes from The Pain Relief Project
This is not a transcript but cliff notes I took listening to these summits. The speakers are doctors, nutritionists and specialists in their field of health that are practicing functional medicine. They are not your normal health tips but the medical reasons you may be experiencing health problems and what to do about it. For additional information see links below.

Kellyann Petrucci DC, ND

It comes down to inflammation and how nutrition holds the key especially with aging. As we age things change but there are a few core fundamentals to aging, indicators of pain have everything to do with how rapidly we age. You need to listen to your body more as you age this tells you the health of your telomeres, the biggest secret to anti-aging. Your DNA unravels without them.

Telomers don’t last, longer telomers tells us that we are going to live healthy and longer with shorter telomers meaning rapid aging. Science now tells us we can influence epigenetics and the length of the telomers making us in charge of how fast or slowly we age.

Stress in any form shortens the length effecting them more than food. Try meditation, yoga and the heart math solution. A simple exercise is being careful what you say yes and no to. What is going to serve me and my family the best. Stress is causing aging and pain with chronic low level stress the worst.

Food is our primal most basic need and there are foods that are bad for us like it or not. The more you eat foods meant for us the better you feel and the better you age.

We need sun and sunshine if we are low in Vitamin D3 were in trouble, get your D levels checked almost everyone is deficient. This is a primal need for a very protective hormone for everything from cancer to the common cold. Exercise 15 minutes a day can reduce your dying by 15% increasing your lifespan by 3 years. Another primal need is to move our body all the time. Do at least one hour of movement a day and chasing kids, grocery store, walking to car in parking lot all counts toward moving but not toward exercise. Most people today are too stagnant sitting at a desk.

Pain comes with not moving and goes down with exercise.

Love and connection is our number one primal need for health and aging. Being alone and disconnected can kill you, we are wired for deep connection so join a group.

Electronics are a huge problem because sitting is dangerous to your spine it is in a short chain you need to get up every our and move around, stretch and squats. The blue light they emit at night goes against every primal law we have, terrible for our melatonin and all our glands. Get all electronics out of the bedroom including the television. This goes a long way to keeping our hormones younger, stronger, healthier and out of pain. Stop using all electronics including the television at least one hour before going to bed. The darker the room the better for sleep, using amber light bulbs or glasses one hour before bed works great especially important for kids rooms.
She mentioned this site for amber light bulbs.

The impact of how you think is not to be taken lightly flood your mind and body with positive messages. How you think drives everything so don’t get caught up in the small stuff.

Five step anti-aging plan

1) Understand the core fundamentals of aging. You have a biological terrain and the fluids that surround your cells have a lot to do with how you look and feel. Think of it like a fish tank in order for the fish (cells) to be healthy the water (fluid) must be healthy. You need to keep the water clean just like the fish tank. Your cells make your blood and your blood makes your organs healthy or not.
It all needs to be in a state of cleaning and renewing all the time and not all clogged up. Your body is in a constant state of regeneration growing or decaying, these cells are constantly flipping, constantly changing. Any moment you decide you want to get healthy and feel better you can at any age, it’s against biological law not to because of this regeneration going on all the time.
You take care of this biological terrain you will not be in pain, age much better and look and feel the best you can.

2) Never feel hopeless because if you give your body the right raw material you will go through the regeneration process with the foods meant for us you have the opportunity to be your very best.

3) Reset your body. Get back to where your a natural fat burner and using stored fat to carry you through life. Understand your blood sugar/glucose levels. Hemoglobin AA1C is one of the things we always look at to determine the health and longevity of someone, checking where your levels have been for the last 2 months. Reset by removing foods that must go and replace them with foods that get you into a natural fat burning state. This will reduce the inflammation in the body.

4) Heal you Gut. Everything that happens with your health circles back to your gut. There is a lot of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases now. Most modern day diseases are inflammatory including obesity, cancer and for heart disease it’s not the saturated fat it’s inflammation taking people down.
Inside your intestines are peyer’s patches it’s important to understand this is where most of your immune system lies. In order for this to function properly we need a healthy gut an unhealthy gut is how we get modern day diseases, even Lupus, Diabetes, Chrones and IBS all have autoimmune components to them.
When your gut is not healthy your joints hurt, tired, diarrhea, constipation and bloating are all signs of hidden inflammation. Do a C-reactive protein blood test if you need to see proof you are in a state of inflammation. When you heal the gut your skin radiates, eyes get really clear, you look and feel different and now your not getting sick like you used to.
Check your vitamin D levels, normalize your glucose and insulin levels by optimizing your insulin receptors. This is really important because insulin sensitivity is the most important factor for optimizing health and longevity and to prevent these chronic diseases. Exercise and movement is also very important.

5) Food. Avoid agave syrup too much fructose, the fructose in fruit contains fiber and not as concentrated avoid the fructose in processed foods. Eat pastured meats that are nitrate free if eating conventional cut off all the fat because toxins are stored in fat. Higher quality meat contains CLA’s that help lower inflammation. Switch out bad fats for good fats it’s crucial to get rid of vegetable oils, peanut oil, safflower oil and canola oil. All these oils are already rancid when your putting them in your cart. Replace with good oils such as coconut, olive, grass fed butter and clean animal fats.
Coconut oil has lauric acid that’s very protective and a natural wrinkle blaster. It makes you look good and it’s really healthy containing some of the same ingredients as breast milk. Coconut oil also has a high smoke point for cooking where olive oil will go rancid and burn. You can also use the coconut oil for dressings. Even cooking with grass fed bacon fat and grass fed butter is healthy.
Most people are sugar burners and start the day with a breakfast that shuts off your fat burner, english muffin or oatmeal and now your body is using carbs for your energy source. Change that to burning stored fats for your energy and become lean and strong keeping you young, healthy and out of pain.
Start your day with 2-4oz of the best quality you can of protein and surround the plate with two different types of vegetables and 1-2 tsp of fat with a drizzle oil or butter. if you need more food add dense carbs such as sweet potato which is preferred over a white potato. Don’t eat the skin on the white potato but the sweet potato skin is fine, white potato skin contains anti-nutrients that irritate the gut and are pro-inflammatory. Squash, pumpkin, jicama, onions and carrots are all good. You have to find the right amount of carbs that fuel you and your lifestyle.

This will turn you into a fat burner but for some day 4-7 you may feel cranky, crazy, tired or achy called the “carb flu” as your body readjusts and detoxes. Be patient it will pass. Switching to whole foods from processed you will be releasing all the junk as you reset.

Artificial sugar makes you Fatter.

Soda Must Go

Most notice a difference about the 2-3 week mark because of the regeneration and the inflammation melting away.

She teaches a 30 day reset with a paleo program.

Dr. Petrucci web page 

Her site for healthy children – super kids wellness

Authored the book Living Paleo for Dummies


Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

M. Scherker medical researcher




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