Reversing Multiple Sclerosis

Notes from the Pain Relief Project
This is not a transcript but my cliff notes I took listening to these summits. The speakers are doctors, nutritionists and specialists in their field of health that practice functional medicine. The diets discussed have been proven to help with chronic diseases. For more information see links below.

Dr. Terry Wahls

Was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and did normal western medicine protocol and declined into secondary progressive M.S. and a reclining wheelchair. Decided that conventional medicine was not going to help, researched and tried a vegetarian diet and then a paleo diet.

Then she found The Institute of Functional Medicine and took the courses. Now adding  the correct nutrients and reorganized the paleo diet to maximize 20 key nutrients specifically for M.S. In one month the brain fog was gone, at three months the fatigue was gone. By nine months she was able to bike around the block and had been walking without a cane for a couple months already. Twelve months was walking easily without the cane and doing 18 mile bike rides with the family.

This transformed her understanding of disease and health both as a person and a physician. Radically changed the way she now practices medicine and the type of research she does.

She had also suffered from neuralgia.

Level 1 Program

The B vitamins, creatine, lipoic acid and CoQ10 are most important. Her protocols for diet are no grains, legumes or dairy instead eat meats and vegetables. This she found she could do because it was under her control. She took a list of about 2o different vitamins, amino acids, essential fats and supplements she learned from functional medicine.

Researched what foods were needed to replace these supplements which are green leaves, sulfur rich cabbage family, deeply colored plants of vegetables and berries, grass fed meat, wild fish and seaweed. No gluten, dairy or eggs.

Changes happened rapidly

Level 2 Program

Reduce starchy vegetables to 2 servings a week, organ meats 16 oz a week, Omega 3 rich foods 16oz a week, 6-12oz meats daily, seaweed, fermented foods and resistant starch to feed the gut bacteria.  If you are having grains, legumes nuts or seeds soak them for 24 hours, rinse and cook or the nuts and seeds can be dehydrated until crunchy. Chia seed and flax seed puddings are good.

Level 3 Program

Ketogenic diet using medium chain triglycerides from coconut, coconut milk or MCT oil. Decrease carbs and ramp up fats.

In levels 1 and 2 for males and tall females (6 ft) you need 9 cups before cooking or juicing of vegetables and fruit a day. This equals a large salad bowl of greens, a large dinner plate of greens, a large plate of vegetables from the sulfur rich family including cabbage, onions and mushroom family. A diner plate of deeply colored vegetables including carrots, beets, peppers, berries, oranges, peaches. Fruits that are white all the way through such as apples, pears and bananas are high starch/lower antioxidants you can eat these only after your 9 cups because we want high antioxidants.

Level 1 have 6-12oz a day for meats
Level 2 increase to 9-20oz, you can stay on 6-12oz
Level 3 ketogenic cut back to 6-12oz again
This is to control insulin levels.

MTOR and 2 hormones. These hormones control whether preparing for reproduction or repair cells, how fast we age and our risk for cancer. More protein increases risk of cancer and you more rapidly age. High insulin increases risk for early dementia and rapid aging. Organ meats and bone marrow was the most important parts to our ancestors including the brain, this stopped after WWII.

Seaweed was considered very important for pregnant women and small children for it’s trace minerals, selenium and iodine. They would travel great distances to get it. We need the iodine to make myelin, the brain wiring insulation and to make thyroid hormones. We use iodine to kill bacteria, viruses, invading organisms and cancer cells. Most soil is depleted of iodine and most societies know low iodine leads to mental retardation and hypothyroidism. We also started adding more halogens, chloride, fluoride and bromine to the food supply, water and environment. They all compete with iodine receptors increasing our iodine requirement while we decreased our iodine intake with salt free diets. It is estimated this has cost us 10-15 I.Q. points as a society.

For thousands of years we have been making fermented foods to be stored safely for months. This helps to populate the bacteria in our gut and with 100 trillion we want them healthy.

Resistant starch that makes it to the colon makes butyrate.
Very helpful for the brain are psyllium seed, chia seed, ground flax seed, inulin and green plantains these are water soluble fibers. Prebiotics feed good bacteria and chia seed or flax seed pudding are good for this. Any constipation increase these fibers, eat enough that your having two bowel movements a day. To help get in the 9 cups take away starch until after the 9 cups, 6 cups for a petite lady. This is to crowd out bad food if your still hungry eat starchy vegetables or gluten free starch.

Keytosis makes the mitochondria burn keytone bodies instead of sugar for energy. This process makes more brain growth factor which leads to more repair and building more connections. This is great for people with seizure disorders, neurological problems and mental health problems. Also good for cancers because many cancer cells are inefficient at burning glucose so when you lower your blood sugar and have more keytones the rest of the body can survive but the cancer cells die.

The coconut oil melts fats and drive our body to make keytones, fats generate more keytones but using butter or milk fats you can only do 26 grams of carbs and still be in keytosis. Eating medium chain oils generates more keytones per gram and allows you to eat 60-80 grams of carbs and still be in keytosis. Ghee is fine for people who can’t do butter but it’s carb restrictive.

Green Matcha tea powder  is very high in antioxidants add coconut milk and spices to mix it up.

Performing clinical trials on M.S. patients we are finding significantly good results. It encompasses more than just the 3 stage diet with focused vitamins and supplements, taught to do simple meditation and self massage, exercise and an electrotherapy program.

We are also seeing dramatic improvement with traumatic brain injury, PTSD, mental health issues, wide rage of autoimmune, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, IBS, not well described pain goes away, fibromyalgia, lower back pain, knee and hip pain.

Take away foods that are ramping up inflammation going gluten, dairy and egg free. Ramp up nutrients with lot’s of vegetables and sufficient protein. If still having trouble there is a forth level which is an elimination diet.

She said sign up for her newsletters and her book explains the protocol and recommended her Ted Talk linked below.

Dr. Terry Wahls web page

Ted Talk Minding your Mitochondria

How to reverse MS video

From wheelchair to walking video

 Dr. Terry Wahls notes from the Autoimmune Summit
In this summit she talked a little about the diet above and the following notes are other things relating to M.S. and autoimmune diseases that she spoke about.

Commercial supplements are mostly made in China and we need to worry about purity and reliability. Synthetic are made from genetically modified bacteria and are not biologically the same as food. Food is biologically active and the vitamins and minerals are more aligned in food. We want maximum nutrient density 2-10 times RDA.

The average American gets 60% of their calories from white sugar and white flour this is one reason we are nutrient deficient. The average American also eats a limited diversity of vegetables, try 200 different species in one year. Eat organic, fresh in season, local. Organize by green leafy vegetables, sulfur rich vegetables, deeply pigmented vegetables and berries with deep color all the way through not just the skin.

People suffering from fatigue, brain fog, problems with retina, or heart failure have mitochondria that have been starved or poisoned and need a mitochondria tune up. You need all 13 vitamins, minerals, zinc, sulfur, antioxidants, fat, cholesterol, saturated fat, omega 3 and 6. The mitochondria are starved because of the low fat diets and we can’t generate ATP without fat.

If you need energy drinks, lot’s of coffee, fatigued or memory focus recall problems it’s due to depleted mitochondria.

Because of toxins when you look at the cellular level of disease they are all starting to look alike. Our environment is turning our genes on and off beginning in the womb, 95% is from inner/outer environment.

There are exciting new results of M.S. studies coming out and starting studies on diabetes and parkinson’s research. Already curing diabetes now.

Her patients report as they progress they keep looking younger and younger. The biggest epigenetic effect is the food we eat, you can be inflammatory or reparative but not both.

Using electrotherapy device to stimulate muscles and used during exercise accelerating speed of recovery. Must be individualized for each person, after an exam. Also generates nerve growth factors in the brain and used for more that M.S. including back surgeries in helping with muscles.

We are having great success with this program, seeing marked improvement in 3 months and getting off all medications.


Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

M. Scherker medical researcher



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