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Notes from the Mind Body Weight Loss Summit

This is not a transcript but cliff notes I took from listening to these summits. The speakers are doctors, nutritionists and specialists in their fields of health that practice functional medicine. They are not your normal diet tips but the medical reasons you may be experiencing problems losing weight and how to fix it. Some are diets that have proven to help with chronic diseases. For further information on this article see the link for this speakers web page below.

Donna Gates  

We don’t chew food properly, food should be almost liquid when we swallow. HCL Acid (Hydrochloric Acid in Gastric Acid) and pepsin enzymes are excreted and HCL extracts the minerals of our food, if it’s low there is a supplement. Protein begins digesting in the stomach and finishes in the small intestine where everything drips down. We have more absorption sites for minerals than amino acids, fatty acids or anything which proves how important minerals are. From the small intestine all nutrients except for fiber goes right into the body.

Considers the liver part of the digestive system because everything gets processed through it. Enzymes, hormones, toxins and makes bile for the gallbladder to drop into the small intestine to dissolve fats and help keep things moving along. If food makes it to the large intestine not digested well at that point the liver will pull it back up and process those toxins again. This is now happening all the time because people are not chewing their food well enough adding an extra burden to the liver. In the large intestine bile stimulates peristaltic movement and you should wake up the next morning and have at least one large elimination.

A large problem today is low stomach acid to break down food, needing to add HCL NOT lower it with (PPI) protein pump inhibitors. As we get older we start to have trouble making HCL we at all ages are more acidic now when the body is in this state the less it wants to make stomach acid. When stressed we don’t produce HCL. Enzyme supplement with HCL is better for acid reflux, makes it go away and aids in losing weight and get more energy. She carries these supplements on her web site.

Minerals and protein are not digested properly without adequate stomach acid leading to poor muscle tone. If your nails have lines going through them from base to tip it’s a sign you have low HCL they should be smooth. Digestive enzymes. probiotics and HCL helps.

Your not supposed to have that bloated feeling when you eat. Teach your children to chew well and do not eat in a stressed state.

The key to health, fitness, reducing inflammation and losing weight is the bacteria in your digestive system. 

Things that kill our friendly bacteria are antibiotics, stress, high sugar high fat diet. Most today don’t even start with a healthy biome as soon as we come into the world we are set up to be healthy or sick. C-section deprives baby of acquired healthy biome from the birth canal and instead picks up hospital germs and bacteria and the bacteria from those attending the baby. The natural biome is crucial that comes from the birth canal then immediate contact with the mother’s skin and breast milk. First solid food after breast milk should be mashed up veggies not grains.

We need a huge diversity of microbiotics not just acidophilus. Gut bacteria has it’s own genes we have 23,000 they have millions. Their genes effect our genes in signaling them. All our neurotransmitters are made in the gut.

C-sections, not getting breast fed long enough and processed food instead of fermented foods leads to not getting the full microbiome that we need. This creates the wrong diversity of too many of the bad bacteria making people obese and sick. To shift the diversity she recommends a diet of 80% plant food for the healthy bacteria in your gut to multiply.

It’s not calories it’s what kind of microbiome you have.

In a recent study they took a pair of twins one was overweight and one was skinny, took the microbiome from the heavy twin and put it into mice and they became fat. Took the microbiome from the skinny twin and the mice did not get fat. Then took the microbiome from the skinny twin and put it in the mice that got fat and they got skinny. This blows the lid off counting calories it’s all based on the microbiome in your gut.

When you make positive affirmations while you eat research is showing the microbiome respond to it. Thought and intentions change your gut bacteria.

Healthier food creates healthier bacteria.

We need to stop killing our good bacteria with sugar, stress, antibiotics and a high fat diet. Add fermented foods and drinks. Bad fats are the vegetable oils, good fats are coconut oil, butter, ghee, bacon fat or lard. There are some that can’t support eating the bacon fat or lard. High fat diet of any type is killing your micobiome.

The digestive track can get tears in the lining causing leaky gut allowing food particles and toxins into your system. Says she can tell a lot of people that are overweight and/or  bloated is because toxins are getting out into the system. Bad foods like french fries and microwaved foods are not friends to the body which screens good from bad. It then calls out an alarm and our body goes to war with these foods causing inflammation. The inflammation causes the cells of the lining of the wall of the intestine to open up which is leaky gut.

When you cut yourself the area gets red and inflamed and your immune system sends out repair, that’s your gut with bad food. Eat foods closer to nature instead of processed. Heal with a liquid diet. An inflamed gut is not a candidate for new foods, blended foods are better. Broth, green drinks and smoothies for 4-5 days. The gut lining heals very quickly.  With gut problems nuts and seeds should be soaked 8 hours and pureed into a pate’ or nut milk. Eating too many nuts and seeds normally will tear up your gut more. Beans are hard to digest with a damaged gut.

In a study 100% of the people could not eat commercial eggs, 40% still had problems with organic eggs. 100% of them could eat eggs if they were fertile. She personally only eats the yolks. Sprouts and sprouted nuts and seeds are good for the gut especially consumed with fermented food.

Secret to aging eat less but make it quality food. Quality foods are so nourishing you eat a  meal and your not hungry for more food. You can make 9 jars of fermented food with vegetables from the farmers market for under $15, add digestive enzymes. Most protein powders are undigestible.

You must have glutamine to heal gut lining. She carries all products mentioned on her web site. She also mentioned checking out the podcasts on her page.

She is considered the expert on this and the originator of the term microbiome 20 years ago.

Donna Gates web page 

Donna Gates video

**Note: Donna Gates did not mention organic when speaking of the good fats, I personally find that this is important and pretty sure she just missed saying the word. And yes I have heard and read before that lard is healthier than the vegetable oils or margarine. Do your own research or better yet go to her site.



Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

M. Scherker medical researcher




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