The Bullet Proof Diet

Notes of interviews from The Pain Relief Project
This is not a transcript but cliff notes from the series of interviews I took listening to the Pain Relief Project. The speakers are doctors, nutritionists and specialists in their fields of health that practice functional medicine. They are not your normal diet tips but the medical reasons you may be experiencing problems losing weight and how to fix it. Some are diets that are proven to help with certain diseases. For additional information links to their web pages are included.

Dave Asprey

Rewire your biology, lose weight feel amazing!

The worse thing you can do is eat few calories and exercise a lot, sure you will lose weight but you will damage yourself and gain it right back.

Stress – it doesn’t matter what kind it is when it’s too much for your body it responds with systemic inflammation, this includes environmental such as pesticides and molds. On top of this we eat bad foods and our body never gets a chance to regenerate and restore itself. It’s more important to focus on recovering than working out like a professional. You can look amazing with very little exercise if you get the food and recovery things right.

We are exposed to more environmental toxins both naturally occurring and man made that have ever existed in the history of humanity. Detox has become crucial, things you should do are eating less toxins in your food and hydration works. Using activated coconut charcoal on an empty stomach or with foods at places you suspect contain toxins to pull them right out, Glutathione, calcium d-glucarate, and healthy fats to increase bile. Just doing this you should see huge improvements in health and appearance.

Brain fog lifts, you think more clearly with no more zombie mode actually raising your I.Q. By enabling your prefrontal cortex you can control your emotions easier not flipping people off so readily becoming a nicer person and better relationships all because your controlling brain inflammation from better food choices. Tens of thousands of people all report this is what happens when you detox and change to better foods.

It’s biochemistry not will power

Kryptonite foods must be avoided that are causing the brain fog, autoimmunity, inflammation, and arthritis for huge swaths of the population. Eliminate them and then add back slowly one at a time to see how you do on them. Swap out for bulletproof foods. He said we all know what the bad foods are see his site for further information.    

Don’t stress dieting no one is perfect, while away from home make the better choice instead of the worst at restaurants. Perfection is the enemy of dieting.

With food look at quality like organic grass fed animal protein and fats it’s a completely different product from industrial meats and doesn’t have the same effect on your body. You will get a ton of inflammatory compounds from corn and grain fed animals that contain antibiotic residues, hormones, including extra stress hormones and synthetic estrogen. These are added to make animals get marbled fat in their muscles and seems obvious that what these chemicals are doing to the animals they might be doing to you. The fat from organic grass fed beef is full of vitamins.

When eating like our ancestors we must be mindful that the food industry has done things to the food.

Grass fed butter has very important fat based nutrients but doesn’t have the protein and sugar found in other milk products. Milk protein is inflammatory binding to the antioxidants making them unavailable. Using Ghee or grass fed butter in coffee instead of milk or half & half you get about 340% more antioxidants with that same cup of coffee.

Bullet Proof Coffee

1) Use coffee free of mold toxins. Most countries except America have standards for the amount of naturally occurring mold allowed on coffee beans and there are no testing standards. You don’t taste the toxins it’s maybe 5-10 parts per billion so at first you feel ok but a few hours later – wow I really want some sugar, I need another cup of coffee, maybe a little jittery, headachy, stressed, joint pain or uncomfortable coffee buzz. It’s NOT a coffee buzz it’s a mycotoxin buzz! When you drink his bulletproof coffee that he makes you don’t have the same rise and crash or jitteriness that’s common with coffee. The difference is how the coffee is created before it’s roasted.

2) Butter from grass fed cows is available at most grocery stores, Kerry Gold from Ireland UN-salted is good, a local farmers market even better.

3) Brain Octane Oil extracted from coconut oil is 18 times stronger than regular coconut oil and quickly turns to ATP for energy in your body. Most fats require extensive digestion this doesn’t it bypasses the liver and your brain loves the kind of fuel this gives you. Even if you have low blood sugar it leaves you satisfied and let’s your brain keep focusing.

4) Blend and you get a foamy drink that tastes like a latte and it turns off hunger while turning on your brain for hours and hours. He actually published the research on this, in 6 of 7 measures of executive function there’s a statistically significant improvement using mold free coffee beans. It means most coffee sold has trace amounts of mold that lower human performance. If you want to feel good and don’t want to experience cravings and energy dips eliminate these toxins everywhere from your diet.

All of a sudden you find you can do things you didn’t have the energy to do before.

Fat is the most satisfying food not protein, and carbs in the morning will make you tired.

People are reporting back they like the taste of the bulletproof coffee with butter and how good it’s making them feel.

The quality of your life depends on how well you feel, feel better and the quality goes up. When your biology gets better everything gets better. Give the body what it needs and you stop having food cravings and get more energy. When we change the demand for quality foods they will change the supply. Let’s change demand by showing people how good they can feel.

Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting – normal intermittent fasting you eat a late lunch and diner and then don’t eat again for 18 hours. This works but most get hungry about 11am. Instead have the bulletproof coffee with butter and oil in the morning and you don’t get hungry, tired or cranky using fat for energy.  Because you didn’t turn on your protein or sugar digestion your getting the same benefits as fasting. It’s also beneficial for gut microbiome the mold free coffee modulating the polyphenols in the coffee to feed the bacteria in your stomach that are more present in thin people. Thin people have more gut bacteria that use coffee and green leafy vegetables as fuel than overweight people. You can feed your gut bacteria to determine how much weight you gain or lose.

For sleep issues only drink decaf after 2pm, know that decaf tends to have twice the amount of mold toxins so be careful which one you purchase. Healthy people need less sleep than unhealthy people. People with more energy are better at changing the fluid inside the brain, the glymphatic system . By increasing your energy levels through proper fuel not stimulants and decrease your toxic burden raising your health you feel rested on less sleep. Trouble sleeping one thing good is a tablespoon of raw honey before bed and avoid fructose to keep sugar levels down. The honey gives your brain stable glucose for 6-8 hours and this evens out any sugar crash that wake some people up at night. Others do well on collagen protein from grass fed cows, for some that little protein boost helps them sleep all night.

Honey is digested very quickly and hydrolyzed collagen protein the predigested enzymatically processed protein is predigested before you put it in your mouth so also absorbed very quickly. The little bit of fat is needed for energy while your sleeping (not too much) coconut oil or brain octane oil doesn’t get processed by the liver and is absorbed very quickly. This little boost of energy while you sleep is used by the body for the repair and restoration process.

Check his site on sleep hacking to change your sleep environment. Make the room darker and changing the temperature can dramatically change the quality of your sleep. If you expose your eyes to white light before sleep it takes four hours to start producing the sleep hormone melatonin. Get amber light bulbs and/or blue blocker glasses, great for kids rooms to help with falling asleep. Getting up at night to go to the bathroom turning on white light makes it hard to go back to sleep, use an amber nightlight in there. This all effects your weight by disrupting your circadian rhythm and contributing to obesity.

Workouts less is more. One 15 minute high intensity workout of squats and heavy weights once a week with walks the rest of the week. This works better than 20 minutes or more everyday. Women lift as heavy as you can without hurting yourself.

Products mentioned can be found at his web page

Dave Asprey web page

A page of his videos



Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician . It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

M. Scherker medical researcher




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