Diet Series: Diabetes

This is part of the diet series of notes taken from the Origins interviews.
This is not a transcript but cliff notes. The speakers are doctors, nutritionists and specialists in their field of medicine that practice functional medicine. These are not your normal diet tips but possible medical reasons you may be experiencing problems losing weight and how to fix it. Some are diets that have proven to help with certain chronic diseases. For additional information links to their web pages are included.

Dr. Tim Noakes  

If you have insulin resistance a high carb diet will kill you. 50% of Americans are insulin resistant.
Saturated fat is Not your enemy, cholesterol comes from carbs.
HBA1C Glycated Hemoglobin is the test you need, it can also predict risk/prevent diabetes before the fact with routine test.

NO vegetable oils – corn/canola, Avoid white potatoes
YES to – more good fats your not eating enough fats, lot’s of green veggies and clean organ meats.

Carbs ok if your insulin sensitive, if insulin resistant best is high fat low carb. Best diet is vegetarians who cheat eating mostly veggies occasional meats, eggs and fish. The carbs is what puts on weight with insulin resistance. Your microbiome determines your best diet.

Organic meats and animal fats crucial because toxins are stored in the fat of animals.

This is a great article for more details on the Noakes Diet

Listen to the video of the interview.

Mike Mutzel MSC 

Problems losing weight may be medications causing digestive disruption and an imbalance of gut bacteria.
Restoring gut hormones have reversed diabetes.

A stimulated immune system loves sugar, a low inflammatory system loves fat. Pro-inflammation  puts you in sugar burning mode so you can’t burn fat and makes you chronically hungry.

Test for infections

Pea and whey proteins stimulate release of gut hormones that help with burning fat and helps restore blood sugar regulation. Also good are pre-biotics, chicory, artichokes, leeks and lot’s of colors/veggies. Reduces food cravings, helps to burn fat, reduce appetite and regulate blood sugar.

If you experience gas, bloating, headache or migraine on pre-biotics test for SIBO and introduce slowly.
SIBO is small intestine bacterial overgrowth and they use a breath test. 

Artificial sweeteners effect gut hormones and cause elevated blood sugar levels. 

Restrictive low calorie diets suppress function of bacteria, eat real food all you want instead. Chew in a mindfull state and don’t worry about calories, fat is important but like anything too much is not good it must be complimented with colorful veggies, herbs and spices.
When you starve yourself it shuts down your gut hormones. 26 hormones are released from chewing, this signals insulin to be released and balance blood sugar. The shutting down production of critical gut hormones suppress or increase appetite. Less that 1200-1600 calories a day can shut things down for up to 18 months causing systemic insulin resistance then you can’t burn fat creating weight loss resistance, low grade inflammation and gut/health imbalance.

Fat releases leptin which causes inflammation = insulin resistance = can’t burn fat. Can test for leptin but usually not needed because the more fat you have the more you release and the more inflammation you have. The more inflammation you have the higher your chances for an autoimmune disease. Belly fat is chronic inflammation. Skinny fat is when fat is not visible but on your organs instead. Video of Dr. Mutzel explaining in detail about leptin and weight loss.

Measure body fat% not body mass%
Eat a large breakfast, large lunch, lighter diner
Exercise muscles, regular exercise can start with walking first thing in the morning adding aerobic and weights.
Morning is a good time to burn fat.
Get heart rate up!
Eat breakfast after workout.
The gut is really active mid day, most active between 10am and 4pm.
Always chew food well calm no stress.
Lighter diner lean protein and lot’s of colorful veggies.
We burn more fat in the morning and night and burn sugar mid-day, caffeine helps burn fat.
Eating late at night or large quantities at diner you have a greater chance of food fermenting.

Help activate system by going outside for a minute first thing in the morning so the sun can hit your eyes.

Still can’t lose weight test toxic load and sleep patterns both effect immune system. Consistant sleep same time every night 8 hours or same amount every night. Control your stress, get a heart map app (see web site) stress stores fat. Infrared sauna also good for removing toxins and any movement you can if in too much pain try a pool.

Acid blockers and protein pump inhibitors are causing an epidemic of gastrointestinal disorders. NSAIDS = leaky gut = can’t burn fat. Bile helps us burn fat. Fix digestion and gut health.

Use probiotics for ear infections or anything but antibiotics, or as last resort in the first year of life. If no choice take with it probiotics but at 6 hours apart.

Mike Mutzel’s interview is no longer available from the Origins series that the  notes came from but there is another one explaining in more detail here.

Mike Mutzel web page for free videos and free ebook.


Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment rendered by a licensed physician. It is essential that you discuss with your doctor any symptoms or medical problems that you may be experiencing.

M. Scherker medical researcher


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